Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fart Noise Methodology, Star Wars VII and Stuff

A few things of note.

Last night I came to the realization that I have lost the ability to make fart noises via putting both hands to my face and blowing (I couldn’t find the technical term for this on the internet, though I did find it fascinating that searching “Fart Noise Methodology” brings up some very well written posts).

Sure I can still handfart. Raspberries are as easy as ever. But the hand to face method is somehow cruder, and thus more hilarious. I could never armpit fart. The wife apparently was once a very talented armpit farter. When I asked for a demonstration, she said that since the development of her mammary glands, the noises have never been the same; things getting in the way and all (I was told not to say it's because her bewbs get in the way, so I didn't). But still she produced a few adequate fart noises. Then we both realized we were adults pushing 30, had a good laugh, and made some juicier fart noises.

So the main cast of Star Wars Episode VII was released yesterday. See link. Old and new together in the picture on IMDB is pretty cool. I am assuming since JJ has already made two Star Wars films (he called them Star Trek for some odd reason) that this one will be pretty good because he's had lot of practice.

In 2006 I purchased a Mac Book Pro (the first model with an Intel Processor). Now a lot of things get said about Apple and their products and their pricing. I have even said plenty of negative things about Apple. But let me say this. In the eight years of service, this computer has never crashed, frozen (let it go) or had a virus. It’s been through college, the wobbly time after college, marriage, four years of World of Warcraft addiction, World of Warcraft detox, two charger cables, three batteries and only one small chassis crack. I got my money out of this laptop. I am replacing it this summer not because it doesn’t perform, but because a 60 GB hard drive doesn’t cut it in 2014 and its model can no longer accept OS software updates. Eight years. Goodbye old friend.

I find it amazing I was able to produce a blog post today. The brain works!

You're welcome.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mad Men, ET and Stuff

A few things of note.

Last night while watching Mad Men, I noticed that during every commercial break, someone was trying to sell me breakfast food. It stuck me what a good idea it is to advertise breakfast food after 10 pm on a Sunday night during a show about advertising. Most working adults watching will probably be heading bed soon after the show. And the last thing on their minds other than Don Draper’s beautiful stare? That’s right, Jimmie Dean’s sausage biscuits. Much advertising, such meta, wow! Just so you know, I am impervious to subliminal advertising. I had a Mountain Dew and Cheez-its for breakfast this morning… Oh crap, they mentioned Mountain Dew in the episode last night.

So, over the weekend, a Microsoft-backed documentary team went into the New Mexico desert digging for the infamous buried copies of the dreadfully awful Atari game, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. If you’re not familiar, E.T. is widely considered one of the worst videogames ever made. It is the poster boy of the 1983 videogame crash. Legend has it that Atari buried thousands of copies in a New Mexico landfill after it was clear they couldn’t sell them. Many believed this was just rumor. This weekend proved otherwise.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out the week. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, my marching orders have been assigned by the boss (wife) and I will be seeing it Friday. If you’re nice, I’ll do a write up.

Finally, I’d like to shout out to a few people who recently entered the blog-o-sphere:

First, go checkout Random Ramblings of a Running Princess to read all about the exploits of my beautiful wife and her many adventures.

Second, take a look at Live, Laugh, List if you’re into living, laughing and listing.

You’re Welcome.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

T-Shirts, NFL Schedule and Stuff

A few things of note.

A few weeks ago I had dinner with my sister. We had not seen one another since Christmas. But this isn't a see my family more mushy crap crap post. When I got out of the car in the parking lot, the very first thing she said to me was, "You got a new T-Shirt!" I think when people who don't see you very often notice when you get a new T-shirt, you have a problem. By the way, it was a brand new t-shirt purchased that very weekend, but that's not the point. Further examination of the issue via facebook photos uncovered a shocking truth; I dress like a cartoon character. I counted five t-shirts in two years worth of pictures on facebook. More over, in several consecutive holiday photos spanning multiple years, I wore the exact same thing. Often at work, I look down at my name tag and notice I am wearing the same shirt I wore for the employee picture on my tag; six and a half years ago. The pair of hiking boots I wear around all the time, got them in 1999. If I didn't look like a balloon of my younger self, and HD camera technology didn't drawer huge red arrows pointing straight at my forehead wrinkles, I could probably collage all these pictures together and convince you it was a really long summer vacation.

Apparently it's big news when the NFL releases its game schedule. I already knew my Browns would lose eleven games this season, I guess now I know when they will lose them. Aces. I guess this is for people who plan on getting game tickets. So not me, because football (at least NFL) is better on my couch than in person.

Speaking of facebook, it's become rather boring over there (pictures of food, children, pets, what character from some fictional universe are you surveys, and constant links to annoying websites and blogs no one wants to read :P). I think I'll spend more time here and on the Twitter. @TheRealHoboDan

If you like games with loot grinding 4-player online coop and awesome SNES style art, go check out Secrets of Grindea. It's not out yet, but soon.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bitcorn, Powdered Alcohol and Stuff

A few things of note.

I sat through a webinar about bitcoin today. When I originally wrote that prior sentence, I made a type-o, misspelling bitcoin as bitcorn. Because spell-check flags bitcoin wrong every time, I overlooked the error until much later. When I did find it, I laughed so hard I deleted my previous ramblings about bitcoin so I could focus on bitcorn.  Bitcorn, in my honest opinion, is a much more suitable currency than bitcoin. First, since bitcorn is a physical commodity, commonly know as candy corn, it is not reliant on computers and technology. Second, bitcorn is not deflationary, as every year millions of pieces of candy corn are produced that no one eats, because it is terrible. Therefore, unlike bitcoin, we will always have more bitcorn to use in financial transactions. Prepare for the bitcorn wars. You have been warned.

I found this article about "powdered alcohol". It's not really a good article, but it made me aware that there is such a thing as powdered alcohol, so it has that going for it.

I ran a 5k this weekend in Pittsburgh. For not running in 6 months, I did okay. By okay, I mean I did not puke on home plate at PNC park.

We have fully caught up with Big Bang Theory episodes and are now reliant on the live TV schedule to watch episodes. This is devastating news.

You're Welcome